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Pinus peuce the Macedonian Pine or Molika one of Macedonia39s
Pinus peuce, the Macedonian Pine or Molika, one of Macedonia's most recognisable trees
... “Molika” Macedonian Pine Trees (Pinus peuce) | by Stojan Toshe Nikolovski. “
Map of Macedonia
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Pinus strobus
Molika pine forest
Pinus peuce Macedonian pine videos photos and facts Pinus peuce ARKive
Pinus peuce, the Macedonian Pine or Molika, one of Macedonia's most recognisable trees
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The star of Pelister, however, is not the bear, but the molika pine (Pinus peuce Grisebach), indigenous to the central Balkans but almost nowhere else, ...
Pelister is one of the first protected national parks in the Balkans. Due to the relict of the tertiary flora – Molika (Pinus Peuce Griseb), ...
Quercus trojana, the Macedonian Oak (syn. Q. macedonicus) is an oak in the turkey oak section Quercus sect. Cerris. It is native to southeast Europe and ...
Photo of a cloud-covered Macedonia taken from space
The trail begins in the village of Dihovo, near “Villa Dihovo”. The first part of the trail passes through the village then follows the paved road (Bitola ...
Моликата е симбол на националниот парк Пелистер на планината Баба кај Битола. Таму моликовите шуми
Molika pine forest in winter
Big Lake - Pelister, National Park near Bitola, Macedonia
Pelister - National Park, Republic of Macedonia
Day 1: Introduction and acclimatization – Skopje
Šišarice su na kratkim drškama, cilindrične, svetlosmeđe boje, pojedinačne ili 3-4 zajedno. Dozrevaju u jesen druge godine. Brzo raste. Svetlost:
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Radozda between sunrise and sunset - Travel Macedonia
National Park Pelister
If you turn into one of many lans you will find cozy and more empty places to eat and enjoy a cup od coffee
Macedonia Map
Pelister's Eyes
Fungi Postal Stamps Issued by Macedonian Post
The Times - Bears, boars and ancient sites on a Balkan adventure | Parks Dinarides
The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the diversified wildlife: wild horses, bears, roe deer, wolves, chamois, deer, wild boars, rabbits, ...
Day 1: Introduction and acclimatization – Skopje
The map of Western Macedonia region.
Macedonia Mountaineering and Trekking
Landscape of Mount Korab
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Number of local endemics in the Balkans recorded only in one UTM square 50 x 50
It is specific that large complexes of Macedonian (Molika)
Dojran Lake is the smallest tectonic lake in Macedonia with a surface of 43 square kilometers, shared between Macedonia and Greece and located in south of ...
A. battarae A. boudieri Fig. 2 A. crocea A. franchetii
... poster sessions, and a one-day field excursion to Pelister National Park. To register for the event and for detailed event information, please consult ...
Map of central Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Macedonia..... - Rotino, Bitola
A high mountain in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated between the Ohrid-Struga Valley and the Debar Valley, to the west of ...
The clock tower in Bitola.
horses near city Bitola in Macedonia
oregano tea
1. Investigated area in Montenegro.
Hiking in Pelister – Macedonia's oldest national park © ollirg, Shutterstock
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Katerina Rusevska
Armin Mesic at Ruđer Bošković Institute
Makedonsko ekolo{ko dru{tvo, Skopje i Zdru`enie "Prespa", Resen. Macedonian Ecological Society & Society "Prespa", Resen - PDF